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5star Excellent service, couldn’t be happier with my implant. Marian is very professional, knows her stuff and does the job right. Never felt like they were out for money just want to help you get sorted


Ian McCarthy

Just a few quick lines to thank you sincerely for all the dental work carried out over the last number of months. Your courtesy, kindness and professionalism made the experience a whole lot easier than I had originally anticipated. Needless to mention, I am absolutely delighted with the end result. Many thanks also to Jill and Karen for their valued contributions. I will be in contact with you shortly to make an appointment for my next routine check-up.

Kind Regards & Thanks,

Garry Cotter

I can confirm that I have been attending your dental clinic for the past number of years and you have performed quite a substantial amount of work on my teeth. I am extremely satisfied with all the treatment performed e.g, root canals, crowns, fillings etc and I would highly recommend your practice for any dental work.


Bernice Casey

I had a bone graft and front implant treatment at the Dr Waters Clinic. Billy and all the team were brilliant; the whole procedure was explained to me clearly at the beginning, so I was never unsure as to what would be happening with regards to treatment. All the staff are friendly and always make you feel relaxed, even though you’re at the dentist! They were accommodating if I needed an appointment or wanted to ask anything about the implant. I am extremely happy with the finished result, people are amazed when I tell them my front tooth is an implant as it looks so real. For the amount of work and treatment I had completed, the price was also very reasonable. I would recommend the Dr Waters Clinic to everyone.

Kind Regards,

Natalie Hunter

When I went to make my appointment I was very pleased with the friendly staff they made me feel at ease and talked me through the whole procedure before they started. The treatment took around nine months which was virtually pain free.The change in my appearance was gradual. The wait was well worth it I am very happy with the end result.

 When I was around ten I was involved in an accident that cracked one of my top teeth.Since this happened my teeth were never the same,when I got it done first of all it was not right and the color was yellow compared to my other teeth. When I went to billy and his team they were very professional and talked me though the procedure before he started. Their attention to detail was very good, from the color to the shape of my new tooth. I was extremely happy with the end result.


Karl and Doris