Fair Notice

Dear patient,

We wish to inform you that Cork Dental Clinic will come under new ownership from 13th of November 2023. From this date, the practice will became part of the Dental Care Ireland group; an Irish owned dental provider. We wish to assure you that although the ownership is changing, your dental care will still be provided by Dr Billy Waters, Dr Marian Cottrell and their incredible team.

Who is Dental Care Ireland?

  • Dental Care Ireland is an Irish owned dental provider established in 2014 by two brothers, with 34 dental practices located throughout the country.
  • Each Dental Care Ireland practice is patient-focused and committed to delivering the highest standards of dental care for all the family.
  • Dental Care Ireland will offer a full range of general, specialist and cosmetic dental treatments.
  • Visit dentalcareireland.ie for more information on Dental Care Ireland.

What does this mean for patients?

  • From the above date your dental care will now be managed and maintained by Dental Care Ireland.
  • Dr Billy Waters, Dr Marian Cottrell and the existing team from Cork Dental Clinic will be delighted to continue providing dental care to you and your family.

Do I have to stay with Dental Care Ireland?
No, should you not wish for Dental Care Ireland to continue your dental care, you have the right to transfer to an alternative dental practitioner of your choice. For this we ask that you complete the attached “Consent for Release of Information” form and forward it to us at info@corkdentalclinic.com or return to the practice prior to 13th of November 2023. We at Cork Dental Clinic will then transfer your or your data to you or your choice of dentist in a secure manner. You can also request a copy of your notes and we can organise secure delivery. If you have any queries at all in regards to the above, please call the practice on (021) 4875566 or email info@corkdentalclinic.com.
Do I need to re-register if I transfer my dental files to Dental Care Ireland?

  • No, you will notneed to do anything; the change of ownership of the practice has no effect on your registration and your entitlement.    
  • All remaining patient records will transfer to Dental Care Ireland. You have the option at any timeto transfer to another dental practice, at which time your file will be placed in an inactive status by Dental Care Ireland.

All the staff of Cork Dental Clinic will endeavour to assist you in any way possible throughout this transition. Should you have any queries, please contact us on either (021) 4875566 or email info@corkdentalclinic.com and we will ensure that all your concerns are managed.
We would like to sincerely thank you for allowing us to look after your dental care and wish you and your families well.
Kind regards,
Cork Dental Clinic